An analysis of the earthquake phenomena in the natural disasters

Also, as an immediate fall-out, disasters reduce revenues from the affected region due to lower levels of economic activity leading to loss of direct and indirect taxes.

Hazard Assessment consists of determining the following when and where hazardous processes have occurred in the past. In the prediction of floods, hurricanes, and other weather related phenomena the word forecast refers to short-term prediction in terms of the magnitude, location, date, and time of an event.

A precursor event is a smaller event that usually precedes a larger event, such as tropical depression leading to a tropical storm before becoming a hurricane or numerous small earthquakes around a volcano indicating an imminent eruption. Therefore, the firms in this area would have sooner or later faced long-run problems such as difficulty in business succession and a decline in the local economy.

There is a need to focus and develop a plan that would focus on disaster management planning for prevention, reduction, mitigation, preparedness and response to reduce life and property due to natural disaster.

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The effectiveness of a warning depends on: The credibility of the sources from which the warning came. On an average, this region experiences an earthquake with magnitude greater than 5.

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Understanding social vulnerability is ultimately about understanding the particular geographical and social contexts in which it manifests. In total, 5 out of the top 10 deadliest floods ever recorded occurred in China- a list which also includes the calamitous Huang He flood of that resulted in about a million deaths.

Saito et al inspect from an economics viewpoint the policy-making process behind this huge budget and conclude that the budget was excessive.

This mechanism is often called creative destruction. Insurance is a potentially important mitigation measure in disaster-prone areas as it brings quality in the infrastructure consciousness and a culture of safety by its insistence on following building codes, norms, guidelines, quality materials in construction etc.

This finding means that the Tohoku Earthquake neither promotes nor demotes the natural selection of firms. The timeliness of the warning Effective communications and public information systems to inform the public of the imminent danger.

Information and training on ways to better respond to and mitigate disasters to the responders go a long way in building the capacity and resilience of the country to reduce and prevent disasters.

Hazard Assessment consists of determining the following when and where hazardous processes have occurred in the past.

How do natural disasters affect the economy?

Building codes, critical front-line defence for achieving stronger engineered structures, need to be drawn up in accordance with the vulnerability of the area and implemented through appropriate techno-legal measures.

Risk Assessment involves not only the assessment of hazards from a scientific point of view, but also the socio-economic impacts of a hazardous event.

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Ballistics and tephra clouds; c. Areas that are not used to disasters affected by flash floods or sudden hail storms can be affected in an extreme way. If outside, beware of falling materials and keep away from walls.

Defining individual phenomena can be tricky, because a single phenomena may trigger several different natural phenomena. For example, an earthquake in the middle of the ocean can also cause a tsunami; this would be a geological and a hydrological disaster because the earthquake a geological event caused the tsunami a hydrological event.

Geological hazards occur because of geological processes such as movement in the tectonic plates and volcanic activity. Geophysical, Meteorological, Hydrological, Climatological, and Biological.

The Indian Ocean tsunami is one of the deadliest tsunami occurrences and among the worst natural disasters ever, which killed aboutpeople and caused widespread destruction in 14 countries, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Falling buildings or trees, freezing to death, being washed away, or heat stroke are just some of the deadly effects. Disasters often result in enormous economic losses that are both immediate as well as long term in nature and demand additional revenues.

It killed people and injured about people. These include things like loss of habitat caused by a flood, permanent changes in the position of river channel caused by flood, crop failure caused by a volcanic eruption etc.

On the one hand, poorer communities might bring alternative capabilities to DRR that are non-financial. Planning For a Safer Tomorrow: EM-DAT is one of the largest databases for international disaster data.Earthquake is a notable example, natural disasters of many types including typhoons, torrential rainfalls, and other earthquakes and tsunamis occur every year.

List of natural disasters by death toll A natural disaster is a sudden event that causes widespread destruction, lots of collateral damage or loss of life, brought about by forces other than the acts of human beings. Since natural disasters are, this way or other, extreme occurrences (earthquake or/and tsunami of high intensity, landslide of a great amount of soil, karsts crater of a large diameter), their statistics has the character of “statistics of rare phenomena”.

Natural Disasters & Assessing Hazards and Risk Natural Hazards and Natural Disasters A natural hazard is a threat of a naturally occurring event will have a. Natural Hazards and Natural Disasters. A natural hazard is a threat of a naturally occurring event will have a negative effect on humans.

This negative effect is what we call a natural disaster.

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Some of the worst natural disasters ever recorded have occurred in the past century and were captured in these powerful still and moving images.

An analysis of the earthquake phenomena in the natural disasters
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